"Fighting for Your JOY"

Best Selling Author | Leading Business Consultant
Nationally Recognized Speaker

"I don't want to wait to create social change," explains social entrepreneur, catalyst to change, and thought leader, Siobhan Neilland. "In order to achieve world peace and global economic stability, we can't wait until the time is right. We have to take our fear and inaction and transmute them to create peace in action!"

Fortune 500 Consultant, social entrepreneur, and UN delegate, Siobhan Neilland is dedicated to being a catalyst for global, social change. As an organizational staffing consultant for Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Google, Oracle, and Visa, Siobhan builds the teams these global corporations need to be successful. Under her firm, SER Consulting, Siobhan consults for Amazon’s product divisions responsible for the newest emerging technologies, with diversity and STEM hiring as her main focuses.

Siobhan’s expertise is not only executed in the corporate arena, but also through the work of her non-profit, OneMama.org, which utilizes social entrepreneurial methods to fund birthing services, medical care, and vocational training in rural communities surviving on under $1.25 a day. Siobhan shares her approach to sustainable, socially responsible business as a speaker in the corporate sector and as a United Nations delegate in the humanitarian sector.

In 2009, Siobhan founded ShaBoom Products – an all natural and paraben-free mineral cosmetic and skincare line for men and women – as a long-term fundraising machine for OneMama. The mission of ShaBoom Products is for every man and woman to look and feel great, inside and out while creating social awareness. Additionally, a percentage of proceeds is donated to OneMama.org so clients feel great knowing their personal products improved the lies of those families in need globally.

Siobhan's philosophies and methods are at the very core of social entrepreneurialism, and are just a small example of the immense potential each individual has for creating a global economy with joy as its currency. “Fighting for your JOY! A Fortune 500 Consultant & Nonprofit CEO Shares Her Secrets to Overcome Adversity, Achieve Success & Have More Fun.” her book and her movement, reveals a glimpse behind the business and personal techniques necessary to live purposefully, while harnessing your talents to create global change with JOY!