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How do you render trife in to peace? Some of us face daily obstacles that can feel so overwhelming that our minds go wild with fear that it squeezes our heart into a state of panic and paralyzes us into inaction. Joy is peace in action and everyone can achieve it. After overcoming illness, poverty and the loss of a child, Siobhan’s found her way to transmute the hardships of her past to a positive happiness, peace and joy from within – and now, with a universal formula that can be applied to everyone.

Join Siobhan in the fight for joy!


​TOPIC: Entrepreneurship / Women-Specific / Organizational Perspectives / Motivation

Being a social entrepreneur isn't a career. It's a lifestyle…and an enlightening one at that! Joy is the new currency to a global economy and without the electricity that our joy provides to support those who need help, we are prolonging the enlightenment of capitalism. It's about taking all of your inaction and creating positive, acting changes. And you don't need an endless amount of money to launch that business or philanthropic platform. All you need is an idea and strategy that transfers your own personal self-sustaining technique and applying that to the professional concept of business and philanthropy...and a lot of tenacity!

Come learn how to create a long-term funding machine for happiness!


​TOPIC: Women & Organizational Perspectives

"I want people to know that you can have balance and be feminine and fun while maintaining a leadership position regardless of industry." It has been proven that most female leaders tend to take on the male perspective of leadership – particularly when it comes to industries that are male-dominated – often leading to overpowering roles and a less balanced quality of life for their fight for leadership. Siobhan is often admired for her mastery of incorporating a balanced professional and personal life claiming that "I have to be a witness for those around me and they have to be a witness to me."

Her unique advice and journey on how being a female leader can still be proudly defined in a leadership role without maintaining a male-perspective in leadership.​How would you put the "woman" back in boss?


​TOPIC: Motivation, Inspiration / Overcoming Adversity / Entrepreneurship / Women-Centric / Organizational Perspectives

"As we have evolved into a society of rushed life, I want to inspire people to take action – whether it is starting your own philanthropy, raising your children, enjoying date nights with loved ones…to having time for yourself." Siobhan's inspirational journey of overcoming adversity and becoming a muse to many serves as the platform for her goal in fighting for joy and creating peace in action.

It's hard enough managing one career and personal life, with the overwhelming thought that any other vision is not possible – financially, emotionally, and what else? Siobhan's all-encompassing message of understanding the dynamic of personal and professional lives does stem as Warriors of Joy from starting a business with very little to growing it to what it is now, challenges to be faced, and inspiring the very essence of it all: you don’t have to wait for the right opportunity – you have to create it.


​TOPIC: Motivation, Inspiration / Overcoming Adversity / Entrepreneurship / Women-Centric / Organizational Perspectives

Siobhan has been invited to tell her story through interviews and television appearances across some of the biggest names in the industry. Currently, Siobhan is a primary cast member for the reality TV series: A Band of Women and has since created a supportive network through these channels.

The most recent appearances, interviews and public speaking events have been TEDx Hayward, Women Rock It with Heart, Sens24 Global Social Entrepreneur Conference, KPOO Radio and many others!

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